Crown Shaving Co. | Blue Aloha After Shave Tonic

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My Favorite

I love everything about this product! I get a 60's or 70's vibe from the shape of the bottle and the blue colour of the aftershave. It smells great and has a different smell that most others. Will purchase again.


Very dynamic scent that develops and evolves throughout the day, and it truly lasts a whole day.
Doesn't have the sting or bite on the face and is extremely therapeutic. If you like compliments from women (as well as men) and wish to encourage a close encounter, this just might seal the deal. Highly recommend

Chad Smith
Great Scent, eventually

I was looking forward to this as an avid user of Crown Shaving products! The ad campaign they ran for this product was great as well. Out of the bottle this has a very alcohol forward astringent scent. Reminiscent of a classic drug store blue aftershave. The coconut comes through eventually, but unfortunately by the time that happens, the scent has almost worn off. The skin feel is great, as there is plenty of witch hazel in it. Overall, I am not completely satisfied. It does smell nice, but just not long lasting enough for me.