HEMSON | The Union
HEMSON | The Union
HEMSON | The Union

HEMSON | The Union

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These multipurpose tools will make a fine addition to your kit and enhance your ritual. The glass features an easy-grip ridge, the rounded floor for effective snipping and thick heavy-weight glass construction. Paired together with a stylish pair of snips, the Union makes a handsome gift set.

Product Information

  • Materials: Hand-pressed glass, brass coated stainless steel (scissors)
  • Features: Thick glass for durability, dished interior to direct material to center, molded ridges for a strong grip, a smooth interior for easy cleaning, top-shelf dishwasher safe (glass)
  • Tips/ Instructions: (Manual Grinder) Place the herb in the bottom of the glass and chop with scissors until desired consistency. (Grooming) Place shaving cream in a glass and use scissor for grooming
  • Clean / Care: Hand wash or place on the top shelf of dishwasher (glass).  Scissors to be wiped with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately.
  • Warning: Scissors are sharp, please use with care.

Product Dimensions L x W x H 

Glass (6.5cm x 6.5cm x 7.5cm) | Scissors (45cm x 2cm x 10cm)