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The "Perfect" Shaving Cream

Having been a fan of LEA “Original” products for a few years I had been itching to try the “Classic” shaving cream. This tube did not disappoint! As I am sporting a beard, I am only shaving my cheeks and lower neck and took about 1.5 cm of cream. I dispensed this directly into my brush and lathered up in a “lather explosion bowl”. In next to no time a rich creamy foam was created. Note that very little product is needed.

The cream is easy to apply and adhered well to my skin. Right away an element of freshness can be felt – that’s the touch of menthol. It is a little confusing since I also felt completely insulated. The cream has a good amount of lubrication helping the blade navigate the surface.

Rinsing between passed was a breeze. Once the shave was completed, cleaning up with a wet towel was effortless as the cream left no residue or oily layer.

In so many words, a perfect shaving cream.

The Classic packaging and metal tube certainly delivers that vintage vibe compared to the plastic tube of the Original series. As far as the cream is concerned, I felt like the Classic was somewhat of a richer texture. Basically, the same product basis while being 1-2 notch better in every way.

- This is making me want to get a bottle of the LEA Classic Aftershave even more.

DD (@style4men.ca)