Suavecito Premium | Dark Clove AFTER SHAVE

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Cooling - Healing - Reduces Razor Burn

A special elixir for your life. This is no traveling medicine man show, this is the real deal. We don't promise rain for your crops, a bottle of cure all or riches of gold to appear under your bed. It's an aftershave. A great one. This is just one more tool from Suavecito Pomade in your arsenal to help you kick ass at another day out there in the world.

Suavecito Premium Blends Dark Clove After Shave was created to give you a fresh, clean feeling that you can only get with an alcohol-based formula. Reminds you of a time long passed. Also works great as a fresh-smelling cologne!

Tangerine, black pepper, jasmine, amber and musk leather. 

Made in the USA | 100 ml