The Holy Black | Slant Safety Razor

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Customer Reviews

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Tanner Burcsik
Looks like it'd beat you up and steal your girlfriend

But is actually super sweet and an avid amateur potter. First impression: its like shaving w a toaster oven on a stick. Then you're shocked w how effective that deceptively clumsy geometry is. The heft and girth are more satisfying than I'd like to admit.....but we're all adults here. Overall it's surprisingly agile, close cutting and aggressive without being harsh. Even doing tricky detailing w out leaving your sink looking like a Quentin Tarantino set. My go to is a feather AS-D2 and the SR-71 cuts close and comfortable as any shave w that dialed in Japanese tooling. 10/10 will recommend

Dimitrios Alexiou
Effortless BBS

Holy Black met my expectations of a premium slant razor. Right size with the right weight and a 'killer' look. Absolutely recommended.

Marc-Albert Jaquat
It's all about the touch

I've been shaving with a slant Merkur 39C and a modified 33C for many years now. I love sturdy and chunky pieces so when I saw that one, I just fell in love. Compared to my 39C, I would say it's a tad more aggressive but the roundness of the head makes it feel ultra comfortable. I use Astra Superior Platinum. The result is on par with 39C, maybe just a bit better. But the feeling in your hand is awesome (if you like heavy), and the color and size make it so desirable.
Love it!

Best Shave I've had

I've been using double edge razors for 10+ years. Having only ever used my Edwin Jagger razor I was skeptical to switch. The weight of this is classified as heavy but it provides a great shave. I have often cut myself with my other razor. The angle of the head helps keep the angle perfect, overall, a great cut. I'd recommend this to anyone, novices included.