The Iron Society | Room & Body Spray

The Iron Society | Room & Body Spray

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The Iron Society Old Fashioned Aromatic Aid is an alcohol free spray for a room and safe for the skin and body. Smells almost exactly like the original and firm formula. It can be used anywhere really,  even to freshen up your hair when you don't need to apply more pomade but want to recharge the scent.  Being that it is alcohol free,  It is very hard to use too much of it so dont be afraid really let yourself have it.

 SHAKE VERY WELL BEFORE EVERY USE!  The fragrance/essential oils do not mix with the water but will spray very evenly if shaken vigorously for a few seconds before each use.  

 PRO TIP: Spray in the dryer before a load to add a nice warm zap to your clothing.  

4oz | Glass Bottle