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Jonathan Eaton
Perfumey and Overwhelming

I had hopes for this one, but any black cherry/bourbon scent is overwhelmed by other 'fragrance'- an 'ingredient' I will be actively avoiding from now on the same way I avoid 'flavour' in beer. It's a pretty safe bet that there are non-essential oil things going into it. If you're sensitive to perfume/cologne, avoid this. There are far superior products available through Craft Pomade- Educated Beards, H & B, Samsons, and Lockhart to name a few.


It’s interesting to see how the same fragrance comes through depending in what it is being housed.

I am exploring the Historic & Oak brand at the moment and fell in love with their “CERF ROUGE” aftershave balm. Little did I know that the amazing fragrance of “Bourbon, Black Cherry, Vanilla, Smoke, Chocolate and Leather” would actually come out in a slightly different and clearer manner in their beard oil of the same scent.

The aftershave balm rendered the: bourbon, vanilla and smoke very well. But here in the beard oil it’s the Black Cherry that takes the lead.

This is not a Tom Ford Lost Cherry wannabe or substitute as it takes things in a new direction, but being a fan of Tobacco and Black Cherry in all of its rendering this bottle is my new favorite.

That's for the amazing fragrance, but what about the other mandate of beard oil: moisturizing and beard itch control?

Well, as there are only the best natural oils being used here, my beard felt comfortable and soft all day.

TAKEAWAY: Natural Ingredient, Best of the best natural oils, AMAZING FRAGRANCE, Good absorption !

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Best hair detangler ever

I have tried many hair conditioners and de-tanglers over the years and a few drops of this beard oil works wonders. It untangles my hair quickly, effortlessly and painlessly. The smell is manly but you don't need much product to get the job done.
Sorry guys for letting the cat out of the bag, but you may want to buy an extra bottle for your wife. (For her hair, not her beard, I hope. 😀)

Anita Gignac
Smell so good

This beard oil has the best scent .My husband has a very short beard but none the less will use this beard oil after every shower .He already owns the cerf rouge aftershave which is amazing !! This beard oil could not be missing from is Historic Brand collection .