Historic & Oak | Cream Recovery Balm in Embargo

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Nathan White
Excellent product!

Non greasy and a mild scent, well done! I would definitely purchase again. Recommended


There are so many things to love about wet shaving; the variety of razors, shaving soaps and creams, the blades, the brushes and the aftershaves.

Once it’s all said and done, it’s the aftershave that pretty much gets all the credit. It’s also the one item in the shaving ritual that you might be changing based on your moods. Yes, you will use a different razor and/or blade depending on the job, but that aftershave fragrance will be wrapping up the shave and setting the vibe for the rest of your day.

Aftershave is a subtle maybe even tricky product to get right. Anyone with a bottle of alcohol and a few drops of essential oils can make an aftershave. But getting it right, making something special and elevating the day of those who use it…that’s something rare!

The good gents of Historic & Oak have certainly nailed it. I am now exploring a second aftershave balm the “EMBARGO Blend No. 2.5”.

For the post-shave skin repair side of things, with shea butter, aloe vera, witch hazel and mango seed butter, it is a next level experience of smoothness.

The balm is thick, creamy and quickly absorbed by the skin leaving no residue or oily film. Its instant comfort and I couldn’t dream of a better way to treat my skin after a shave.

As for the “fragrance” mandate of the aftershave; Historic & Oak lists notes of cognac and sweet tobacco aged in oak. Yeah, I hear you back there! And yes, this stuff is just as good as it sounds if not better.

Over the course of STYLE4MEN, tobacco based fragrance is the scent palette I have explored the most. This one conveys authenticity, tradition and elegance. It goes without saying that it is a more classic arrangement that might not appeal to everyone and it’s not what the kids are wearing this season. This is timeless badassery.

If you like whiskey, cognac takes things further. It has more depth and wood. The sweet tobacco reminds me of cigar leaves or flavored pipe tobacco. It is nothing like bitter cigarette tobacco.

The fragrance remained noticeable on me for about 2 hours and projection was discreet but confident.

For my taste, this aftershave gets all 5 stars!

Incredible post shave skin repair
Delicious cognac and sweet tobacco fragrance

DD (@Style4men.ca)