Educated Beards | Boar Hair Brush

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Use this multi-function Boar Bristle Brush to exfoliate, polish and maintain your magnificence. This executive brush is made of 100% natural boar hair. Use of this brush on a daily basis, removes dead skin cells, distributes oils evenly throughout the beard and detangles beard hairs.

Product Specs

SMOOTHS- Creates gentle tension, helping to smooth and polish the hair cuticle.

EXFOLIATES- Breaks up and lifts away dead skin cells to revive skin, maximizing the health of the epidermal layer.

STIMULATES- Energizes skin by stimulating dermal blood flow, encouraging the growth of healthy skin and hair.

CLEANS- Ideal for the removal of day-to-day dirt and debris.

DISTRIBUTES- Pulls product and natural oils down the hair shaft and through to the ends of the hair.

100% NATURAL | 5"