Henson | AL13 Safety Razor (8+ COLOURS)

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Daniel Isfeld
Astra blades saved my Henson razor purchase

My understanding was that the Henson razors used to come with a 5-pack of these blades, but for whatever reason my Henson came with RK blades. RK blades felt like trying to shave with tweezers (more hair pulling than cutting), whereas slapping one of these blades on actually cut the hair (with only a mild resistance/tug prior to cut). So of course I ordered a 100 pack to tide me over for a while :)

I am fairly new to wet shaving and have created the odd tiny nick/bleed with these blades on my Henson... but I'm pretty sure after I master the right angle/stroke I'll likely eliminate them all together. Good news is that my DIY "razor relief" seals the tiny bleeds pretty much instantly.

35 years ago when I was first learning to shave with can foam and "disposable" razor heads I would occasionally gouge out a chunk of skin; which lead to my switch to electric razors. So far my Henson/Astra experience with shave soap and a boar brush is such a great experience, so I'm happy about that.

David O.
Better than expected!!!

I am prone to nicks with shaving and this razor has been kinder to my face than many 5 blade cartridge razors. I. So happy I decided to give this Canadian product a chance.

Brad Sidhu
Amazing smooth shave

Best shave I've ever had , smoothest razor you'll find

Peter VanDerKley

Closest shave ever, not even 1 nic on my first time using it.

robert bell
Henson plus Astra

My new Henson razor with the Astra blade make an unbeatable shaving duo. Feather light touch, no nicks. Close and smooth finish. Reuzel .cream very good. I chose the medium shave razor, the shave is still a gentle delight. To be honest, I thought the price too high when I ordered. But no , use proves good value. thank you.