HEMSON | The Totem

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The Totem is made to stand the test of time and get better with age.  Made from hand-turned American walnut and solid aluminum core.  This herb grinder is both tough and durable while looking beautiful & inconspicuous on a shelf.  Features include an oversized body for easy grip and ergonomics as well as a large storage basin for storage.

Care Information

  • Materials: Hand-turned American walnut body / solid anodized aluminum core, magnetic closure
  • Features: Oversize storage basin, ergonomic shape, angled teeth to avoid herb compression, ¼ turn (easy) access to storage basin, natural wood grain (every grinder is unique)
  • Tips / Instructions: Place herb in top housing, grinder back and forth until all debris falls through to catch basin. Twist off the lower basin and remove material
  • Clean / Care: Use a small brush to clean the interior, hand wipe exterior.  Wood will patina over time.
  • Warning: Teeth are sharp, please use with care.

Product Dimensions L x W x H (8cm x 8cm x 10cm)