Mr. Gladstone | Vieux Port Solid Cologne

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Fine Fragrance Reminiscent of 1961 Saint-Tropez
Natural, wax-based solid cologne designed to traverse life's thrilling paths with effortless confidence. A refreshing, tasteful dip into cool, refined confidence. 

The old harbour glistens like new. Awash in white sails and towering masts, fishing boats in the shadow of yachts, it is a feast for seafaring eyes. Sun-kissed crowds clad in a spectrum of breton tops, polo shirts, and wide-brimmed hats clamor along the docks, laissez-faire style the lasting remnants of a once sleepy coastal village.

Vieux Port's bright & buoyant scent notes include: bergamot, jasmine, orange, neroli, basil, and white patchouli
15mL | 0.5 fl. oz. | Made in Canada