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Christopher Putman
Fantastic hold even next day!

When my hair started thinning I noticed my favorite pomades starting making it look worse than it was, as the pomade's had a tendency to clump hair together and exacerbate the look. Looking for a different product I tried my wife's "dry texturizing spray" and honestly it worked great. However, the downside is those sprays, primarily marketed towards women, are pricey, don't last long and have fragrances that aren't my first choice. Also my wife will end up stealing any bottle I buy so many times I discover I'm suddenly out. Hey wait, this is a review for Uppercut right? Yeah, I'm getting there.

Enter my barber who suggested Uppercut's styling powder last week. I told him about my issues (turns out he shares same problem), so he mentioned Uppercut and asked if I wanted to try it that day. He put some in my hair and I thought it looked pretty good, so I bought a bottle. After a week of using this I'm completely sold! The look and feel is great, the hold is great and it no fragrance/no worrying about my wife using my product. My hair is pretty short, and it doesn't take much powder to style it so I see this small can lasting quite a long time.

Bonus: One less "liquid" I have to worry about when traveling, and on those mornings when I wake up and I'm in a hurry, throw some jeans and a t-shirt on, and can re-style my hair without adding any additional product and it looks like I just did my hair!

Great product

Strong hold and natural finish