7 Beard Brush Benefits maybe you didn't know.

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7 Beard Brush Benefits maybe you didn't know.

 Here are some quick info facts about why every man needs a beard brush in his arsenal. 

  1. Exfoliates the skin,  boar hair bristles penetrate through the natural hair and exfoliate the epidermis to help promote natural skin health.
  2. Stimulates natural sebum production.   Much like brushing a dog's coat.  Sebum helps create sheen and natural smoothness.
  3. While hair is never fully Trainable; a brush certainly helps push the hair into the direction you would like. In addition to balm and oil you can get your shape to stay all day. 
  4. Reduces the patchy areas by stimulating the skin and bringing blood to the dermal papilla under the skin.  Promoting extra growth. 
  5. Distributes oils and products from root to tip.   Extremely important to coat the hair follicle completely in any supportive beard products you use. 
  6. Reduces itchiness by exfoliating and removing unwanted hair and dead skin.
  7. Reduces breakages and eliminates weaker hair.  Leaving behind only a lush beard experience.  


BONUS:  Daily brushing keeps your beard in line.  Added shine and less irritation means a more confident you.  Don't be afraid to use it on your head too!   Similar benefits do occur. 

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