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Your grooming routine can have a monumental impact of the environment, so here are a few tips to help you when going sustainable... 1. // Avoid plastic wherever possible – even if that just means taking the item with the least amount of packaging – and look at solid ‘naked’ alternatives like shampoo bars.  Shear Revival Shampoo Bar: With a hint of charcoal, therapeutic grade essential oils & moisturizing plant based ingredients, these are perfect for acne prone & problematic skin! Add a Sisal bag to extend the life of your soap!  (psst, add a sisal soap saver to extend the life of your...

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3-in-1's make awesome space savers - when I say 3-in-1; your mind is likely going to reaching for the chemical ridden Pert Plus with the faint *beep*beep* of the barcode scanners in the background. On the contrary, you don't need to compromise quality for a simple one-and-done wash. Declutter your mind, and your shower ledge by reducing the bottle count - here are my top 5 shower picks: // 1.  This will be my first pick for ages to come - it's timeless! Barber made and hand poured by my friend Dino of Kleinberg village, it really is all the hype....

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