Top5: Shower Refresh

3-in-1, Body Wash, Byrd, Crown Shaving Co., Professor Fuzzworhy's, Shampoo bar -

Top5: Shower Refresh

3-in-1's make awesome space savers - when I say 3-in-1; your mind is likely going to reaching for the chemical ridden Pert Plus with the faint *beep*beep* of the barcode scanners in the background. On the contrary, you don't need to compromise quality for a simple one-and-done wash. Declutter your mind, and your shower ledge by reducing the bottle count - here are my top 5 shower picks:

// 1.  This will be my first pick for ages to come - it's timeless! Barber made and hand poured by my friend Dino of Kleinberg village, it really is all the hype. Elevate your senses and nourish your skin properly with our best-selling (and rightfully so) Crown Shaving Co. Deluxe Hair & Body Wash. Bonus: it comes in a super convenient pump & all 16oz will have you stocked for months on end!

Ideal for: The man who's hair is short enough for a 1-and-done lather & rinse; who doesn't want to compromise quality and prides themselves on that nostalgic barbershop scent.  For a more refreshing feel, try the Crown Shaving Co. Tea Tree & Peppermint Hair & Body Wash.


// 2. We get it, some days you're in a rush or just feeling damn lazy. A warehouse favorite for it's fresh island scent, Byrd One-and-Done. Derived from natural ingredients, this one is sure to take your mind off the hustle, and put you on an island beach with a piña colada in hand. 

Ideal for: Families with young kids, or teens. The scent, simplicity, and simple ingredients makes this one a no brainer. Pair up with the Shampoo & Condition for longer hair, also makes for a uniform look in the shower! The minimal Black & Yellow (Go Bruins!) bottles look great lined up on the shower ledge too! 


// 3. Clean up your act, and go more sustainable. Solid State Shampoo Bar is compact, clean, and best of all - no plastic. 100% vegan, and made in Australia, it's nourishing lather will leave you squeaky clean, and saving one more bottle from the landfill. 

Ideal for: Boaters, Campers & travellers. This bar is super compact, and all you need to stay fresh on the go! Safe for lakes, rivers, and can pass TSA with to fuss. Also works great in beards! For added freshness on the go, check out their selection of Solid Colognes


// 4. Handcrafted in small batches, Educated Beards Beard & Body Wash is all natural, 100% biodegradable, and non-comedogenic. It comes in 3 refreshing scents, scented with organic, food grade essential oils. Best of all, it comes in a beautiful glass bottle with pump, so not only does it look stunning sitting in your shower - it is also recyclable! 

Ideal for: The Bearded Man, sensitive to scents and harsh chemicals. Check out their other amazing beard products to tame your beard, and nourish the skin beneath it! Unscented available too for those hypersensitive to fragrance. 


// 5. This one will please even the slightest OCD. Professor Fuzzworthy Beard + Shampoo Bar's are handmade from 100% natural & organic ingredients. Sulfate, paraben, palm oil, fragrance, plastic & cruelty free – zero waste since 1993. One bar is equivalent to 27oz of shampoo (that is 3 plastic bottles!). Best of all, you can purchase a sleek, and simple magnetic bar saver that conveniently stores your soap bar, allowing it to air dry while suspended. Saving you the soggy, wasteful soap holders. 

Ideal for: The Bearded Man/neat freak, who likes things tidy and orderly, while simultaneously helping the environment! 
Also great for travel, camping, and hanging up in the trailer shower!