Top5: Wet Shaving

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Top5: Wet Shaving

Wet shaving enthusiast or just starting out - here are my top 5 Wet Shaving Must-Haves:

// 1.  Minor Burns? Nicks? Even Sunburn? This stuff has been a gamechanger in our home; Cream Recovery by Historic & Oak. Barber made locally, this formula includes Hyaluronic Acid, & Dragons Blood this stuff is both nourishing, and anti-aging. Created as a Pre/Post Shave Balm, but this magic serum can really be applied anywhere you need a litter recovery (except open skin, of course). Bonus: it comes in 4 amazing scents.

Ideal for: Everyone -- but particularly anyone who is looking for a alcohol free soothing post shave. It's opaque composition also works great to line up beards!


// 2. You inevitably need a shaving cream to tackle this shave, but which one? With so many out there, we took the guess work out of it. Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream should be a staple in washrooms everywhere - this rich lather goes a long way, and it will go an even longer way if you pair it with their Vegan Shave Brush 

Ideal for: Gent's looking to up their shave game. They don't call this 'The Million Dollar Shave' for no reason. Made with the finest ingredients, it is perfect for all skin types, and has an invigorating, refreshing scent of eucalyptus & spearmint. 


// 3. Just browsing through the adorable Otters alone, will have you wanting to try one of these. Noble Otter Soap Co. Shave Soap have the best and more unique packaging I've seen in this market. With fun scents, and stories, you are bound to find one that calls to you. Also makes great gifts!  

Ideal for: Wet Shave enthusiasts and collectors alike. Noble Otters wide range of scents and designs will have you coming back to see what others they've come up with!  


// 4. Ok, I get that we've used Historic & Oak twice in this short list, but we really couldn't deny adding Barrel Aged Aftershave to this list. The 4 amazing scents that make up it's collection are all equally intoxicating, but ageing in oak barrels has its benefits too; natural polyphenols, and micronutrient are pulled from the carbonized oak to create a formula that is detoxifying; while the witch hazel is soothing and anti-ageing. The unique potassium alum formula also contains styptic and antiseptic properties helps to counter nicks and oily skin. 

Ideal for: Any who enjoy complimenting a shave with a splash of nourishing aftershave. These scents are as gentle as they are satisfying, and will certainly have her leaning in a little closer, too.


// 5. A crucial component of a great shave is the tools in which you use to do the job. Henson AL13 comes in 2 selections, a Mild, and Medium Aggression that has slightly more blade exposure; typically for longer, or courser hair. Ladies, don't hesitate to treat yourself, as well! With plenty of colours to choose from, you no longer have to borrow his razor! 

Ideal for: Whether you are starting out, transitioning, or an expert, many agree that the single blade safety razors are a must - replace the old (and expensive) cartridge razor and refill your Henson for $15/year. Blades matter - so be sure to stock up on Astra or Feather once you given it a spin!